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My Simple Journey

Hi! I'm Amy, owner of Simplify Me by AT.
As a full time working mom of two kids, I knew I needed to create systems to simplify my life and space to maintain my sanity through the chaos of life. I worked in the medical field for 15 years before taking the plunge to pursue my true passion- Simplifying. 

For years, I tried "storage solutions" and "organizing products" only to end up with a mess of junk in cute containers. So, I read every organizing and decluttering book I could get my hands on and got to work. The results were incredible!

Now don't get me wrong, you won't walk into my home and see absolute perfection or bare walls. What you will see are functional spaces that work for my family. Because of the methods I devised and implemented, I spend less time cleaning, less time searching, and more time enjoying life with my family.

My main goal is to share my passion with you to create functional spaces and systems designed for you. Together we will Simplify life to create time and space for what matters most!
Let's get to work!


A native of Canton, OH, Amy Traugh is a professional organizer and owner of Simplify Me by AT, LLC. She is the founder of the Moms on a Mission community and serves as a regular content contributor to Newsymom magazine. In addition, she has been featured in About magazine, on the Cheeky Vibe Peaceful Life Podcast, and the Real Life Parents Podcast.


Amy enjoys presenting at workshops throughout the community on home organization and decluttering techniques and has written an e-book titled The Simplified Guide to Decluttering. She works to help busy individuals Simplify their homes with functional home organizing solutions in order to create time and space for what matters most.


When she’s not Simplifying, you will find Amy spending time with her family, traveling, or curled up with a book. 


Interested in having Amy speak to your group or at your workshop?

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