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Simple Steps to an Organized Playroom

The playroom. It’s an area that most moms feel completely overwhelmed with. It seems like within minutes of cleaning up that it spirals out of control and the room is a disaster again.

Here are a few simple steps to control the chaos!

Pare it down

Yes this can be a daunting task, but decluttering is key! If you don’t take the time to declutter, you are simply shifting toys around. When faced with too many choices, kids become overwhelmed and have a hard time making a decision when it comes to choosing which toy to play with. If you’re strapped for time, set a timer for 10-15’ and do what you can in the time that you have.

Unfortunately this isn’t a one and done task. You will need to regularly declutter as things break, kids lose interest in a toy, and as new toys come in.

Limit the influx of toys

It’s such a blessing to have friends and family who are generous gift givers, however with each holiday comes an influx of toys, especially when you have more than one child. Consider asking for experiences for gifts instead of things. Zoo memberships, day trips, subscription boxes, lessons, and museum passes make great gifts without the extra clutter.

Make it accessible

If your kids can not reach their storage or don’t know where things belong, you can not expect them to put away their toys. Keep any storage solutions within reach. Keep it simple and avoid lids on containers as this creates an extra step for kids when cleaning up and therefore less likely to put things away. If your kids are too young to read, use picture labels to label bins.

Once you decide where the toys will be stored, let the container determine the number of toys the kids can keep. If you are unsure if your kid will miss a certain toy, hide it out of sight to see if it is missed before getting rid of it.

Hold your kids accountable

You are not your kids' maid and do not have to do it all yourself! If your kids are in the habit of making a mess, cleaning their toys up can also become a habit. Hold your kids accountable and set standards. For example, no tv or dessert until the toys are picked up. Yes, it can be a battle of willpower at first, but new positive habits will form with repetition.

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