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Secrets of an Organized Fridge

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Achieving an organized fridge is easier than you think! Use these tips to save time, money, and frustration.

Lower your expectations

I am sure you have seen pictures of stunning, color coded, perfectly organized fridges come across your social media feed. The reality is, these pictures are staged. They look visually appealing, but are they really functional? Your fridge is an ever changing space. Give yourself some grace and realize that your fridge probably won’t be picture perfect every day.

Regularly purge items

Take the time to throw away expired food prior to going to the grocery store. This allows you to have an accurate inventory of what you currently have and what you need to buy which will save you money. At first this may take a little time, but with regular practice, will help to maintain a more organized fridge by creating space by eliminating things that are no longer needed.

Create zones

Group like with like when organizing your fridge. This allows you to avoid buying duplicates and helps so you can quickly see what you need to buy. It also helps save time because you aren’t spending time searching.

Go vertical

The vertical space in the fridge is often one of the most underutilized spaces. One of my favorite products to use to maximize this space is a step shelf. By using a step shelf, you can quickly see what is lurking towards the back of the fridge. This product also makes it so much easier to access items at the back of the fridge without knocking everything over and creating a mess.

Bins aren’t always the answer

Bins can be helpful, but make sure you leave yourself plenty of space for storing items that may not fit into bins and consider the amount of time it will take you to unpack your groceries into the bins.

Use these tips and in no time, you will have a more organized fridge which will save you time, money, and frustration.

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