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How to Organize Anything in 5 Simple Steps

Are you overwhelmed by clutter and don’t know where to start? Pick an area to start with and organize anything by following the SPACE method.


Pull everything out in the area you wish to organize. Start by sorting like items together into groups. This will allow you to see exactly what you have. You will be surprised what you may find when you start to sort through your things.


Eliminate anything that is broken, anything you don’t use or wear on a regular basis, things your kids have outgrown or no longer play with, and duplicate items. This step is essential so that you don’t organize clutter.


Assign a home to the items you wish to keep. A good rule of thumb is to store items where you use them. For example, if your kids do homework at the dining room table, keep school supplies handy in the dining room. This will make it so much easier to access the items, store them conveniently when not in use, and maintain your organized space.


This is the fun part! Find storage solutions that work for you. If you don’t like to take the time to decant your food, then don’t. Function should be at the forefront of any organizing system. Clear bins with picture labels work great for kids. Bins and baskets are great in living rooms and closets. Shelf risers and lazy Susans create order in pantries.


Get anything you decided that you no longer need out of your house ASAP! Get your donations into the trunk of your car, take the trash out, and list anything you want to sell online right away.

Follow these five steps and in no time you will be on your way to a more simplified space. The result; more time and space for what matters most!

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