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4 Simple Ways to Organize Kids' Artwork

Are you overwhelmed by piles of kids’ artwork and projects that accumulate throughout the school year? Do you feel guilty not keeping every masterpiece they created? If you’re like most parents, you answered yes! Try these space saving tips to control the chaos.

Create a photo book

Take pictures of projects as they come home. At the end of the school year, use these pictures to create a photo book to preserve the memories without taking up valuable space in your home. As a bonus, you can often find coupon codes for free or discounted photo books from online retailers.

Give Artwork as Gifts

Kids’ artwork makes a great gift for holidays. Grandparents and family love this no cost gift from the heart.

Frame and display their Artwork

Frame those little masterpieces and use it as decor throughout your home. Nothing makes a kid more proud than seeing their creation hung up on the walls of your home. You can rotate the art as the seasons change and as your kids create new projects.

Create a Memory Box

A great DIY solution to organizing your kids’ artwork is a memory box. Create a memory box by using a hanging file folder storage bin and file folders labeled Pre-K through 12. Store your favorite memories from each year in the folders. Choose your favorites and let the folder determine the limit of how many pieces you can keep.

Use these ideas and gain control, save the memories, and eliminate the guilt!

Looking for more ideas to control the chaos?

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